Friday, October 4, 2013

Monthly Goals - October

I know I say this every month.. but oh my goodness it is OCTOBER. It seems like just yesterday it was New Year's 2013. And here we are, not too long before the end of the year. 

So, since it is now October.. time for some monthly goals to keep me on track! But first, how did I do in October?

September Recap

  • Blog more here. FAIL. I got a new job, and life has been crazy. I know, excuses, excuses.
  • Attend every boot camp. This is Monday (Lower Body / Cardio), Tuesday (Upper Body / Cardio), and Thursday (Abs / Core / Cardio). Try and take my cousin's advice and do arms again on Friday. SUCCESS. I missed my first class tonight because of a meeting at my new job.. I was late a few times, but when I got there I busted my ass for sure! Plus my new job is very active, so I am hoping it will even out.
  • No more soda. No excuses. It is not nutritious. It is not good for my teeth or my health. JUST STOP DRINKING IT. I had to get tough love a bit, right there. I was channeling Dakota. (Not sure who Dakota is? Read about him here) FAIL. I love soda. It's hard. I do try and drink a lot of water, though.
  • Eat better. I am not sure if I want to go back to counting calories because it is not something I am fond of, but I need to just straight up not eat crap food. I will not eat food that makes me feel guilty. How about that? SUCCESS. Doing better. Trying to cook for myself more. Making healthier choices.
  • Lose 10 pounds. I am interested in what I can with the boot camp working out as hard as I do and eating better. I will be doing the best I can, that's for damn sure.SUCCESS. (to me) I only lost 3 lbs. in September (As of September 26th, a month from when I started boot camp) BUT I lost 8% body fat. I can tell a big difference in my body. I am going to focus more on that number rather than my weight, because obviously I gained muscle. 
First picture of me here. First full length shot of me that I have made public in a while.

Can you see the difference between that and this, from June?

I can. That is for damn sure.


Goals for October!

  • Try to cook at home 5 of 7 nights/week. Trying to go back to what I said here, and making my goal quanitifiable. And "Eating better" to me can mean making better fast food choices, and that's not what I want.
  • Lose 5% Body Fat. I know last month I lost 8%, but I don't know if I can again. 
  • Post Twice A Week. This is a lofty goal, but I love blogging. I need it in my life to be accountable. I would say I don't have the time, but I do. I just like to spend it being lazy. But in October, my goal is to post 2 times every week. Meaningful content.
  • Continue going to boot camp. I have missed one this month because of work. The problem is with my new job, I work until 6, and boot camp starts at 6. I might have to go to the ones at the gym.. But I love my trainers. So I am trying to do my best to get there around 6:10 if I can.
What are your goals for October?

Monthly Goals